venerdì 22 aprile 2011

Luca, 19

met in Milan, near Duomo

master piece: underwear - Bjorn Borg
project: "become Supreme Emperor of the World"

capo preferito: mutande - Bjorn Borg
progetto: "diventare Supremo Imperatore del Mondo."

6 commenti:

  1. love it! the blouse is great!

  2. Why,thank you! I'm sincerely sorry that you find me irritating. I kind of found your comment irritating as well. But I'm glad you like my style. That's all that matters to me ;)

  3. i adore youre layout, and you look so chic with the blue shirt!

  4. Well thank you once again :) I haven't posted or spent any real time on my blog in quite awhile. I was in need of a break but am planning on redoing it soon enough. Not all my photos have horrible quality. If you scroll down a bit you can see some of my other outfit photos which I think are perfectly presentable. I get lazy though and seeing as photography isn't my forte, I kind of take "meh" photos

  5. FIERCE. Denim on denim? I can't tell. But it's way chic.

  6. hey I'm glad you like my blog! and your one is pretty awesome too! following you now xxx