venerdì 27 maggio 2011

Marina's Sketchbook

We're always interested in other people's projects.
It's almost an obsession, it's all about "who did what, how interesting, is it relevant or not". It's that feeling of respect/envy for those who are capable of something dazzling, whether they are or are not "competitors". We sensed that strongly in Four Lines, so we decided to accept those feelings and make it a healthy habit. Online we can find tons of interesting material, but it seems to be impossible to know something about the person behind the work, as if it was a picture with no credits. The undergrowth of creatives who feed this infinity of links is what we're looking foward to know, little by little. 

So we asked Marina to send us her drawings, answer questions, write her to-do list.

Thesselle: Where did you study?
Marina: I graduated in Communication's Design from Politecnico di Milano, with a european exchange in France that has been kind of a turnover in terms of life changing experience. After graduating I got into a type design course and that's what I would like to do for now.

T: What is your occupation at the moment?
M: I'm working in a graphic design studio in Milan. I do a little bit of everything, the most interesting thing is probably tha packaging.

T: What do you usually drink?
M: analcoholic, water and coffee. Alcoholic, I passionately go for white wine and vodkalemon.

T: Did you have a trauma?
M: I don't think so. I can't stand the blood view, but i don't know if is it based n a trauma.

T: What is it your addiction?
M: If you mean that as a drug, it's the opinion (and approval) of those who I care about.

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giovedì 19 maggio 2011


we want run away in late night, without being discovered

The one thing you can't get out of severe parents: the opportunity to 
sneak out at night. 
There is no thrill, you're just going to say "coming back late tonight" while rushing out of the front door. Curfew would be avoided by the tutor's deep sleep and the ability to shamelessly lie the morning after. What would have been interesting to do is pretend to go to sleep, wait until the last light is out and then theatrically sidle down the window or just sneak out the front door, towards the night. 
The unknown night, that something out of the ordinary, boring every day life, the never ending routine that keeps you trapped in anxiety, in week plans, in a severe parental control. To have a time to be the person you're not during the day, a space far from those eyes you can't disappoint, feel the adrenaline in your blood just imagining your father waking up and for no apparent reason checking if you're sleeping. 
When your parents treat you as an adult since you become a teenager it ends up there's no need for that to happen. You don't have rules to break, so you don't really get feel like putting up a riot, because you might have nothing to stand against.

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martedì 17 maggio 2011


top - vintage, skirt - H&M, thighs - Calzedonia, shoes - Beth Ditto for Evans

dress - vintage Ultra Dress

Sento che qui.
Avverto il suo respiro un po' affannato da animale che aspetta. Avverto il suo odore, è ovunque, e mi è insopportabile.

È dietro l'angolo che mi aspetta, ne sono sicura, ormai lo conosco troppo bene. Sa quali sono i miei orari, sa quali sono le mie strade, sa tutto della mia vita, ormai è tardi e non riesco più a nascondermi.
Ho provato ad ignorarlo, a depistarlo, a scappare, a confondermi nella folla, cambiare casa, cambiare orari e abitudini, ho urlato chiesto aiuto chiamato la polizia pianto ma al momento giusto è sempre riuscito a sparire nel nulla, il bastardo.

Nessuno mi ha mai ascoltata sul serio.

lunedì 9 maggio 2011

Valentina, 35 & Anna, 27

Met in Milan, colonne di S. Lorenzo

about: "I own a communication agency"
project: "get Italy into on/off line communication"
masterpiece: shoes - vintage

about: "freelance fashion designer"
project: "top secret"
masterpiece: coat - Zara

lunedì 2 maggio 2011


We got stuck in the traffic for something like one hour. And the minute we got off the car started raining.
 Deluge, seriously. So we got to the exposition all wet and timid, not it the right mood for having people around us. Not in the mood for anything that wasn't a cup of hot tea watching desperate housewives on the tv, actually. Then suddenly, once we stepped in the store where the expo was, all the negativity dropped off our backs. 

The place is cool and relaxed, and so was the people there. We felt cosiness all around us, while we were taking a look at the pictures on the wall. The photos were interesting, mostly because they were capturing several different ideas keeping the sense of being part of a bigger reality. It was a story, but no words were involved.
We got to Elena Vaninetti, one of the four photographers (the girl with the denim jacket):

"We chose each other on Flickr, because of our styles.
We spent months organizing the trip, defining stages and working contacts, until we jumped on a car, driving towards Denmark-Norway-Sweden, intrigued by the idea of northern atmospheres and open, wide spaces.
On the road, with polaroids as a travel journal, picturing people and landscapes.

Photos about us, about places and strangers we met.

We were often hosted by photographers. There was this one guy I was impressed about, Johan, in Sweden.

{Joahn never looks into our eyes while he talks. But he talks a lot, so fast, while he takes us at “the hotel”, where with his classmates he’s preparing an amazing photography exhibition. - from the Four Line blog}

I believe we left him kinds shocked with our italian behaviour. I mean, eight in the morning he was all ready steady go while we were still trying to get up from bed.

Norway, Lofoten Islands, never ending sunlight. There was no dawn, no darkness, just sunlight. All day, all night. We had to hang blankets as if they were curtains. A nightmare.

And we lost three cameras. One felt in the water, we grabbed it immediately, but it was too late. One died of a sudden. The other one is somewhere, in the woods. Forgotten on the car roof, we realized the loss while still driving. Andrea spent the night looking for it, alone, with no results.

{Here I am, smiling, knowing that what I came here for, what I couldn't find, will be left in this paradise. - from the Four Line blog}

Back in Italy, I almost got hit by a car. Five times. In twentyfour days I got used to the fact cars stop before crosswalks."

Here the complete blog - Four Lines
The photos are exposed from 29 april to 26 may at Coffee.N.Televisiøn.

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domenica 1 maggio 2011