lunedì 29 agosto 2011


(Summer is over) We are working for you.
(L'estate è finita) Stiamo lavorando per voi.

giovedì 11 agosto 2011

Il sorprendente esordio dei Cani

You've got to consider, we're not music reviewer.
But there is music we listen to, anyway, always looking for something old or new that could eventually represent us for who we are here and now.
So what could be better then the Musica Importante A Milano festival.
Or even better, why not go to talk with someone so fresh, new, easy that it consumes you.

I Cani are from Rome. They could be from Milan for what I care. Or any other big Italian city.
I Cani have been around for something like an year, on the web, when they started off with "Wes Anderson".
And like me and you, a lot of people commented, shared and criticized.

We got there early, time needed, prepare questions, organize with the staff, get right under the stage. We've written our interview on a tiny notebook, while the mosquitos would devour ur legs.

I Cani were anonymous. At least since a couple of months ago, during Miami, the first concert that got the hill crowded, a secondary stage in the Independent Italian Music festival, even before the nameless band before them ended. Everybody was looking up for this, impatiently.

So they started preparing the stage, with paper bags on their heads, keeping the anonymity.
Paper bags drop off at the end of the introduction.

During the show, fabulous all around. Stuff as heavy-weighted groupies and pogo in the mud worthy of Woodstock.
And everybody would sing. Everybody.

After the concert, we track them down. They told us to wait backstage, they would have been there, but "right now we have to clean up the stage". We were about to stop them in front of the entrance, but other interviews had to be made. At the end of that they were running but we got them. every single one of them. We didn't had a lot of time, Verdena were already setting up.

Niccolò, the band's leader:
- I'm really not getting all this need to get ut of the stereotype. It's not lik you quit dressing up a certain way only because everybody does it, or you stop watching Wes Anderson movies, only because a lot of assholes watch them too. I find that really hideous. It's actually an effect we're risking too, if we go on with those interviews, people will get bored.
I don't think there is nothing bad in doing something other people does too, the only thing that counts is understand if we're doing that because we like it, because we believe in this, or not.

I tried to get out of the music stereotype, compared to the last entries in the italian scene, the "sleepy lyric songwriter" who talks about his stuff with a suffering note, victim almost, so I look around an frankly there is not that much people only suffering.
There is a moment when you suffer, but there is a moment when it gets better, and I feel like no one is singing about that. As a narrative voice I tried to be diversified, talking about when you're cynical, intolerant, happy.

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